Freedom Financial Datasets Now Available on the dv01 Platform

6 January 2021

Freedom Financial Datasets Now Available on the dv01 Platform


We are excited to kick-off 2021 by expanding our coverage of the consumer unsecured market!

Today we released datasets for the Freedom Financial Consolidation Plus and Freedom Plus loan programs, as well as five historical FREED-shelf securitization transactions—adding $7.4 billion in original balance and 412,910 loans to the dv01 platform. Our dedication to data transparency has enabled investors and issuers alike to better understand loan performance and make smarter, safer data-driven decisions. Below is a snapshot of the datasets now available on the dv01 platform. If you are interested in gaining access to these datasets or partnering in an upcoming securitization deal, please reach out to to learn more.

Dataset Name Original Balance Number of Loans Current GWAC WA Original FICO
Freedom Financial - Consolidation Plus $1,889,513,286 103,187 22.90% 564
Freedom Financial - Freedom Plus $3,191,568,116 178,281 18.67% 701
FREED 2018-1 $355,012,698 17,745 20.46% 604
FREED 2018-2 $471,757,323 24,543 20.21% 621
FREED 2019-1 $485,288,277 27,353 20.01% 641
FREED 2019-2 $626,671,339 36,295 20.26% 648
FREED 2020-FP1 $433,699,749 25,506 18.80% 696


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