Easily Tap into Consumer Lending Data

Leverage world-class analytics and reporting tools for consumer unsecured, mortgage, student loan, and small business loan data through Market Surveillance
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Market Surveillance grants you access to the dv01 data library, which offers extensive coverage of CRT (CAS and STACR), non-QM, and consumer unsecured loans. Equipped with built-in tools, users can gain actionable insight into loan performance and collateral, such as borrower repayment behaviors, loan modification statuses, and more.
A Comprehensive Reporting Toolkit
Access a full suite of built-in visualization tools, meaning complex questions involving collateral composition, performance metrics, and credit metrics no longer require a team of analysts or several days of manual work. Whether you’re looking to gain a high level overview of one originator or do in-depth reporting on several, simply log in and get started.
Harness world-class analytics tools
Review performance, analyze trends, generate cashflows with user-defined prepayment assumptions, and create unique exportable reports complete with visualizations in a matter of seconds.
Leverage industry benchmark datasets
Quickly gain actionable insight into origination and performance trends across the non-QM and consumer unsecured markets through aggregated and anonymized benchmark datasets.
Explore consumer unsecured
Access datasets from a dozen of the largest online lending platforms, including LendingClub, Prosper, SoFi and more.
Discover CRT
Dive into the full library of 80+ CAS & STACR deals, 10M+ loans, and $2.6T in notional.
Evaluate the non-QM market
Regain confidence in the non-agency market by identifying the loan characteristics of today’s non-qualified mortgages.
Access critical post-issuance data
By leveraging the HouseCanary HPI, investors now have access to updated LTV and one-year home price appreciation values.