Lifting the Curtain on Structured Finance

dv01 is a leading data intelligence platform with integrated loan-level consumer credit data and analytics that drives transparency in lending markets.
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Why We Exist

The $16+ trillion market is the backbone of everyday activities that empower financial freedom, from consolidating credit card debt and refinancing student loans, to buying a home and starting a small business. As a data-first company, we wrangle critical loan data and build modern analytical tools that enable strategic decision-making for responsible lending. In a nutshell, we're helping prevent a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis by offering the data and tools required to make smarter, data-driven decisions resulting in a safer world for all of us.


We’re bringing unparalleled transparency and intelligence to every loan for every stakeholder.


We’re building the most comprehensive library of consumer ABS and MBS data that empowers safer data-driven decisions.


Leadership Team

dv01, a FitchSolutions Company

dv01 was acquired by Fitch Group, a leader in financial information services, in September 2022. dv01 operates as a subsidiary of FitchSolutions, a division of Fitch Group that fuels better informed credit risk and strategy decisions with reliable data, insightful research, and powerful analytics.

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We’re building accountability, transparency and data reliability. Join us as we upgrade Wall Street’s tech stack.

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