Portfolio Surveillance

Streamlined reporting and analytics for marketplace loan investors
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A Holistic View of Risk
A Holistic View of Risk
dv01’s portfolio surveillance solution aggregates the performance of over $60 billion of consumer, small business, real estate, student, and auto marketplace loans, providing investors with an online portal populated with portfolio and market data. A full suite of built-in visualization tools at your fingertips makes it simple to gain a high level overview of your portfolio or conduct in-depth reporting in minutes.
Streamlined Reporting and Analytics
dv01’s portfolio surveillance solution streamlines reporting and analytics for institutional investors buying whole loans. Whether you need to gain a high level overview of your portfolio or do in-depth reporting, simply log in and get started.
Performance across lenders and compare portfolio pools side by side
Quick answers around origination and performance, creating custom graphs as you go
Into loan level details and paystrings, or scan a summary of an entire loan pool
The output of several analysts without the potential of human error and at a fraction of cost
By countless attributes, including dataset, loan behavior, and loan status
Standardized data with internal quants for deeper analysis