Over the past several years, non-U.S. based capital has become very interested in the U.S. marketplace lending industry given the large loan volume, high net returns, and low duration. We are now starting to see large inflows and investments into the leading U.S. based marketplace lenders. This growth has been driven primarily by investors from Asia, Europe, and Middle East (primarily Israel) who have started to provide their clients with more options to invest in MPL assets outside their home countries.

Jeremy Todd, dv01’s head of West Coast and APAC sales, has consulted with over a dozen international firms to help make a U.S. MPL investment successful for them and their clients. Many of these companies include the largest and most prominent asset management firms in their respective countries. They all have the same question: What are best practices for investing in the MPL asset class in the U.S.?

Jeremy has compiled his answers into this free report, with the hope that international investors considering investing in the U.S. MPL industry will find it useful.

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