As we enter the sixth month of the coronavirus pandemic, dv01 reconvened thought leaders and experts in consumer credit to discuss how the sector is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Download the webinar replay below to learn about the impact of the weekly $600 enhanced unemployment benefits expiring and the potential effects of it reducing to $300; what the stock market is telling us in terms of expectations for consumer credit, both from a performance and issuance standpoint; what loan issuance looks like across sectors, and more.


  • (Moderator) Perry Rahbar, CEO & Founder, dv01
  • Vadim Verkhoglyad, Principal Analyst, dv01
  • John Hecht, Managing Director of Equity Research and Specialty Finance, Jefferies
  • Brian McGrath, Managing Director and Head of Securitized Markets Group, Jefferies
  • David Staley, Vice President of Capital Markets, Prosper