[Watch] dv01 Discussion: Flattening the COVID-19 Default Curve in Consumer Credit

19 June 2020

[Watch] dv01 Discussion — One Year Later: How COVID-19 Reshaped Consumer Credit


dv01 kicked off its inaugural dv01 Discussion series with experts in consumer credit to discuss how the sector is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Download the webinar replay below to learn about what we’re observing in the current environment and how it compares to the global financial crisis; trends in credit, payments, loan demand, deferral; issuance of online loans; and more.


  • (Moderator) Perry Rahbar, CEO & Founder, dv01

  • Vadim Verkhoglyad, Principal Analyst, dv01

  • John Hecht, Managing Director of Equity Research and Specialty Finance, Jefferies

  • Brian McGrath, Managing Director and Head of Securitized Markets Group, Jefferies

  • David Staley, Vice President of Capital Markets, Prosper

  • Karan Mehta, Head of Capital Markets, Marlette Funding


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