Insights: COVID-19 Performance Report, Volume 3

29 April 2020

Insights: COVID-19 Performance Report, Volume 3


About the dv01 Insights Report

Our previous COVID-19 Performance Report dived into loan modifications and delinquencies and uncovered that 12% of online loans were impaired (a combination of delinquencies and modifications). Of these loans, roughly two-thirds had entered some form of loan modification status, such as forbearance.

Our latest installment explores how effective these modifications may be by looking at past hardship relief programs that online issuers have provided borrowers during natural disasters. Specifically, dv01 will look at the performance of loans that were modified because of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Download our latest report to gain insight on:

  • The efficacy of loan modifications.

  • Initial observations into non-QM loan payment behaviors.

  • Updated insights into loan impairments, delinquencies, and modifications.


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