Insights: COVID-19 Performance Report, Volume 19

6 January 2021

Insights: COVID-19 Performance Report, Volume 19


The 19th installment of our COVID-19 Performance Report offers a comprehensive overview of the online lending, CRT, and non-QM markets.

Since fewer online lenders are offering complete suspension of payments for borrowers seeking modifications, we analyzed how much of the original payments borrowers are making. Additionally, we continue to refine our logic to accurately capture modifications within mortgages and can now determine if previously underreported modified loans have completed their deferral period and if those borrowers have resumed normal payments. As such, impairment rates may differ from previous reports.

Download the December end-of-month report to see updated insights with data through December 28, 2020 for online lending and November 30, 2020 for mortgages.


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