dv01 Partners with Freedom Financial and Citadel Servicing

20 July 2020

dv01 Partners with Freedom Financial and Citadel Servicing


dv01 is excited to announce that it has added Freedom Financial and Citadel Servicing to its growing list of issuing partners. Even more, we are thrilled to serve as Loan Data Agent for FREED 2020-2CP ($221M) and future FREED transactions, and we will host Citadel's entire non-QM portfolio. Both FREED 2020-2CP and CTDL 2020-1 ($51M) will be available on the dv01 platform in the coming weeks.

When COVID-19 first sent shockwaves through the economy, the securitization market reeled back amid growing concerns on forbearance and foreclosures reminiscent of 2008. Specifically, an early casualty was the non-QM market, which was projected to reach over $40B by the end of the year. This was all but halted when non-QM issuers temporarily paused their programs as they weathered the storm to come. Over the past several weeks, the securitization market has regained traction and we are happy to announce that we have added new datasets onto the platform, totaling $1.8B: ​

  • ARRW 2020-1, $355M

  • CMLTI 2020-EXP1, $364M

  • GSMBS 2020-INV1, $395M

  • JPMMT 2020-4, $502M

  • MAPT 2020-05A, $49M

  • NRZT 2020-NQM2, $159M

As we enter the fourth month of the pandemic and regional economies begin to pick up (while others slow down), we are committed as ever to bringing unparalleled transparency and intelligence into lending markets. If you’d like to access any of these datasets or would like to see your issuer’s data on dv01, reach out to us at to learn how we can help.


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