dv01 and HouseCanary Partner to Bring MBS Investors Cutting-Edge Data

18 February 2020



Through this partnership, investors now have access to accurate home price appreciation data and updated loan-to-value (“LTV”) calculations to better assess underlying asset collateral. The HouseCanary HPI is a comprehensive and localized dataset that tracks home prices nationwide with over 40 years of historical data that covers more than 4 million census blocks in the US to ensure the most accurate and local forecasts. Integrating the HouseCanary HPI into the dv01 platform empowers investors to make more informed risk management decisions when purchasing mortgage-backed securities.

“Since a home’s valuation directly impacts a borrower’s payment behavior, investors can now harness critical post-origination data to make even better data-driven decisions,” said dv01 Founder and CEO Perry Rahbar. “Working with a leading provider in real estate analytics ensures we continue to bring transparency to the capital markets ecosystem and put our clients’ best interests at the forefront of everything we do.”

Jeremy Sicklick, HouseCanary’s Founder and CEO said, “Our mission is to make real estate valuations transparent and provide actionable insights into residential property, so partnering with dv01 is a natural fit for us. By integrating our HPI forecasts with dv01’s platform we are able to drive better decisions across the residential real estate ecosystem.”

As MBS investors continue to call for trust and transparency in the mortgage market, dv01 and HouseCanary expect to build deeper product integration.

Market participants project non-QM issuance to reach over $40 billion in 2020. As the non-QM space continues to surge, dv01 aims to provide unparalleled data transparency to the booming market. CRT represents the largest mortgage credit opportunity available today. Launched in April 2019, dv01’s CRT product is the first to offer loan level transparency on one of the most significant datasets in the mortgage world, comprising over 80 CAS and STACR deals, 10 million loans and $2.4 trillion in notional.

About dv01 Founded in 2014, dv01 is the world’s first end-to-end data management, reporting and analytics platform offering loan level transparency and actionable insights into lending markets. To date, dv01 has provided securitizations reporting and analytics on $33 billion of mortgage transactions and $53 billion of online lending transactions. Learn more at

About HouseCanary Founded in 2013, valuation-focused real estate brokerage HouseCanary provides software and services to reshape the real estate marketplace. Financial institutions, collateral investors, lenders, mortgage investors, appraisal management companies, and consumers turn to HouseCanary for industry-leading valuations, forecasts, and transaction-supporting tools. These clients trust HouseCanary to fuel acquisition, portfolio management, underwriting, and more. Learn more


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