Employee Spotlight: Priya Chandrashekar

6 March 2020

Employee Spotlight: Priya Chandrashekar


dv01 has some rockstar employees in its ranks. The Employee Spotlight series highlights talented individuals in the dv01 family. In celebration of Women's History Month, we spoke with data quality engineer Priya Chandrashekar.

What interested you in software development? Initially, I always geared toward roles that were adjacent to software developers. Over the course of those experiences I picked up more of the coding and eventually realized I wanted to be part of the building process. I enjoy the problem solving that comes with it and it's really gratifying to see the fruition of your work. What intrigued you the most about dv01? I think it's a combination of the product itself, as well as the technologies used to build it. I liked the fact that dv01 is revamping antiquated processes with tools that provide a lot of insight to the end user. There is also exposure to new technologies used to build and enhance our products, which adds to the constant learning. What's been the most rewarding project you've worked on? Currently I'm working on an automated front-end testing effort that will span all our webpages. I'm working closely with the product engineering team to understand all the different functionalities the website has to offer. I'm also creating comprehensive tests, which will hopefully provide results to product developers on how their changes can affect the utility of the site. This is the first project where I've gotten to be part of all stages from start to finish, which is really exciting.   How has dv01 empowered your career? I really felt the confidence people had in me from the start, which helped me hit the ground running. Every day I'm able to take more ownership in what I'm doing and feel comfortable to be creative and pitch new ideas. To me that really speaks to culture here and how people really care about your growth.


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