dv01 Serving as Loan Data Agent for Goldman Sachs’ GSMBS 2020-PJ1 $448M Deal

24 January 2020

dv01 Serving as Loan Data Agent for Goldman Sachs’ GSMBS 2020-PJ1 $448M Deal


After an incredible 2019, dv01 is excited to kick off 2020 by announcing that it is serving as Loan Data Agent (LDA) for GSMBS 2020-PJ1, a securitization of $448M first-lien fixed-rate prime residential mortgages!

dv01's dedication to data transparency has enabled investors to better understand the pool of loans or mortgages they’re buying. That’s why dv01 has been building a data library of historical deals across asset classes, which includes three historical deals from the GSMBS-PJ shelf (GSMBS 2019-PJ1, GSMBS 2019-PJ2, and GSMBS 2019-PJ3). There is now ~$1.5B worth of GSMBS-PJ shelf deals on the dv01 platform.

As LDA for GSMBS 2020-PJ1, investors will now have direct access to loan level data and gain insights on collateral composition and performance in seconds. Below are a few key collateral characteristics of GSMBS 2020-PJ1. dv01 is excited its commitment to data integrity has been recognized by such a big firm as Goldman Sachs, and we look forward to bringing even more data transparency and insight to investors.

Interested in gaining access to our data library or partnering in an upcoming securitization deal? Reach out to to learn more.

Pool Attribute Value
Number of Loans 643
Outstanding Pool Balance $448,804,647
WA Annual Income $275,569
Average Loan Balance $697,985
WA DTI Ratio 35.4%
WA Original CLTV 71.3%
Conforming Loans 51.7%


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