dv01 serves as Loan Data Agent to three new JPMMT deals, totaling $1.8b

20 April 2020

dv01 Partners with Freedom Financial and Citadel Servicing


dv01 is excited to announce that it has added JP Morgan to its list of mortgage issuers and is serving as Loan Data Agent (LDA) for several JPMMT transactions: JPMMT 2020-2 ($781M), JPMMT 2020-3 ($595M), and JPMMT 2020-INV1 ($479M). All these deals are now available on the dv01 platform, and we hope to soon host all historical JPMMT transactions.

dv01 is thrilled that another leading institution has recognized the innovative work the company is doing to bring unparalleled transparency and intelligence to every securitization for every investor. Having spent half of his trading career at JP Morgan, this is especially monumental for dv01 Founder and CEO Perry Rahbar.

Interested in partnering in an upcoming securitization deal or would like access to the dv01 data library via our Market Surveillance offering? Reach out to to learn more.

Pool Attribute JPMMT 2020-2 JPMMT 2020-3 JPMMT 2020-INV1
Number of Loans 1,105 806 1,320
Outstanding Pool Balance $781,900,561 $595,006,943 $479,967,349
WA Annual Income $274,454 $286,844 $223,350
Average Loan Balance $707,602 $738,222 $363,612
WA FICO 765 763 759
WA DTI Ratio 34.6% 35.3% 36.4%
WA Original CLTV 69.7% 70.5% 67.6%
Conforming Loans 41% 35% 98%


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