Q4 has been busy for online lenders, with dv01 participating in six securitization deals since the beginning of October 2017. Deals have spanned the consumer unsecured and student loan space, comprising over $2.3 billion of new issuance.

Loan level data and reporting on these deals is accessible through dv01’s Securitizations portal. Specifically, dv01 was loan data agent on five deals since October 2017: MFT 2017-3, PMIT 2017-3, AVNT 2017-B, CBLST 2017-B-GS, and CLUB 2017-P2. dv01 users can also access loan level data from SCLP 2017-6 through dv01’s reporting partnership with SoFi.

Deal details are as follows:

  • MFT 2017-3, which closed on 10/24/17, is a $291.8 million securitization of consumer unsecured loan collateral from Marlette.
  • PMIT 2017-3, which closed on 10/27/17, is a $501.05 million consumer loan ABS transaction. This is the third of Prosper’s Consortium securitizations, as well as the eighth overall securitization collateralized by unsecured consumer loans originated through Prosper.
  • AVNT 2017-B, the second of Avant’s securitization deals in 2017, is a $261.45 million consumer loan ABS transaction. The deal closed on 11/1/17. This transaction represents Avant’s fifth rated securitization backed by Avant-originated loans.
  • CBLST 2017-B-GS is a $249 million student loan securitization from CommonBond. This is CommonBond’s second securitization in 2017, showing Commonbond’s commitment to the securitization market for online student loans. The deal closed on 10/26/17.
  • SCLP 2017-6 is a $727.35 million consumer loan ABS transaction, which closed on 11/10/17. This securitization is the largest consumer loan securitization to date and represents SoFi’s 12th rated securitization collateralized by a portfolio of unsecured consumer loans.
  • CLUB 2017-P2 is a $330 million consumer loan ABS transaction that closed on 12/6/17. This transaction is LendingClub’s third rated sponsored securitization and the second sponsored securitization consisting of “prime” unsecured consumer loans facilitated by LendingClub.

For access to data from any of these deals, reach out to sales@dv01.co.