Earlier this month, in close partnership with Microsoft, dv01 became the first company to use SQL Server 2017 in production. This was the culmination of dv01’s yearlong migration to Microsoft infrastructure, which was highlighted by Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, at Microsoft’s Data Amp event in April.

This incredible recognition for our engineering team comes after months of analysis and due diligence, with the goal of bringing you the most advanced, scalable, and cutting edge product possible.

dv01’s technology stack was initially built on Python, PostgreSQL, and Redshift data warehouse, but as complexity increased, our applications began to run slower. First we adopted Apache Spark, successor to Hadoop, to enable us to quickly add asset classes, support new reporting requirements, and deliver incoming data updates–all while ensuring data quality didn’t suffer. Then we migrated to SQL Server, bringing immediate improvements in performance, query response time, storage compression, and security, as well as an immense reduction in database maintenance requirements. Faster response times are especially crucial for our managed database and cashflow functionality, so if you haven’t tried either in a while, we urge you to log in and give it a go.

We’re thrilled to have worked closely on this project with Microsoft and are honored that they profiled our infrastructure at their developer event and in their customer stories; here’s a video if you prefer to watch versus read.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about dv01’s technology or any features you’d like to request.