dv01 closed out Q1 with nine new securitizations, totaling $2.58 billion in total issuance. This represents a 141% increase from last year’s Q1 volume, which totaled $1.07 billion.

Deals were originated by six different lenders, including Prosper, Upgrade, LendingClub, CommmonBond, SoFi, and Marlette. Three of the deals (UPT I 2018-1, UPT I 2018-2, and CLUBC 2018-2) were trust certificates. dv01 was loan data agent on eight of the nine deals; loan level data and reporting tools for all the deals are accessible through dv01’s Securitizations portal.

Deal details are as follows:

  • PMIT 2018-1, which closed on 3/29/18, is a $647.5 million securitization of consumer unsecured loans from Prosper. This deal is Prosper’s ninth securitization to-date.
  • CLUB 2018-NP1, which closed on 3/21/18, is a $301.7 million securitization of consumer unsecured loans from LendingClub. This is LendingClub’s first securitization of the year, and its fifth rated securitization to-date. It is also the third securitization consisting of near prime loans.
  • UPT I 2018-2, a trust certificate of $20 million of consumer unsecured Upgrade loans, which closed on 3/21/18.
  • CBSLT 2018-A GS, a securitization of $233.75 million student loans from CommonBond, which closed on 3/16/18. This is dv01’s fourth time participating in a CommonBond securitization.
  • UCL FT 2018-1, which closed on 3/15/18, is a securitization of $99 million consumer unsecured loans from Upgrade.
  • CLUBC 2018-2, LendingClub’s second CLUB Certificate issuance of 2018, which encompasses $23.2 million consumer unsecured loans structured as a pass-through security. The deal closed on 2/14/18.
  • SCLP 2018-1, a securitization of $773.5 million SoFi loans that closed on 2/2/18. This is SoFi’s 13th rated consumer unsecured securitization and its first of 2018.
  • UPT I 2018-1, closed on 1/26/18, a trust certificate of $20.8 million consumer unsecured Upgrade loans.
  • MFT 2018-1, a securitization of $464.4 million consumer unsecured Marlette loans, which closed on 1/24/18. This is Marlette’s sixth securitization of consumer unsecured loans.

As we begin Q2, we’re excited to bring even more transparency and efficiency to the securitization process for both issuers and investors. Stay tuned for exciting updates to come, and reach out to sales@dv01.co to set up access to data from any of these deals.