HousingWire unveiled its second annual Trendsetter awards and named dv01 Founder and CEO Perry Rahbar as an impactful and innovative technology leader serving the housing economy.

This year, Perry and dv01 are recognized for offering a modern solution for standardizing loan data (Tape Cracker), providing critical post-issuance data via our HouseCanary partnership, and releasing the dv01 Non-QM Benchmark dataset.

“Our Tech Trendsetters award recognizes a group of leaders who were critical to the outstanding performance of housing and real estate during this pandemic, finding innovative solutions when everything changed on a dime,” said HousingWire Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler. “We’re very proud to celebrate their achievements and honor the impact they’ve had at such a crucial time.”

HousingWire’s 2020 Tech Trendsetters are made up of product and technology leaders who have been indispensable in bringing innovative tech solutions to market for housing industry clients. You can see the full list of honorees here.