Today marks an incredible milestone for our company. From the beginning, we’ve said that dv01’s goal is to expand beyond online lending and bring transparency to lending markets as a whole. I’m thrilled to announce that we’re one step closer to doing so.

At the end of March, dv01 participated in our first mortgage securitization, acting as loan data agent for CSMC 2018-RPL2, a securitization of $275 million re-performing loans serviced by Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS).

dv01 introduced the role of Loan Data Agent in 2016 and provides Loan Data Agent services for an aggregate securitized collateral balance in excess of $25 billion of online lending loans.

Our work with Credit Suisse and SPS marks the first time that mortgage investors will have access to a seamless securitization experience from start to finish. The inclusion of loan data agent services in this deal not only ensures that all participating parties have confidence in the underlying collateral, but it also reduces the cost of internal operations and infrastructure management for both issuers and investors.

Accredited investors can receive access to dv01’s Securitizations portal, which features a suite of reporting, analytics, and cashflow tools designed to track and evaluate the performance of securitizations over time. Investors will have unlimited access to the loan level data backing the deal, as well as free access to our cashflow engine that operates off of loan level data.

dv01’s success to date has made clear that increasing transparency benefits all market participants. We’re excited to officially expand our securitization solution into mortgages and redefine how securitizations are marketed, analyzed, and purchased from this point forward.

Reach out to learn more, and join me in congratulating our team and partners on this incredible milestone.