dv01 has launched a redesigned Securitizations homepage to celebrate closing out 2017 with $7.9 billion of consumer unsecured bonds. The page was designed specifically to provide investors more accessible at-a-glance coverage of the online lending securitization market, as well as make it simpler to find and access a specific deal on dv01.

The newly launched homepage includes a list of all available deals on dv01, searchable by name, vintage, CUSIP, platform, underwriter, and asset class. (For asset class, you can search by auto, SL, SME, and CU.) Users can sort each of the table columns in ascending or descending order, making it convenient to view trends in collateral balance over time, for instance. Note that users will only be able to access data from originators with whom they have an NDA. To request access to a blacked out deal, click the “Request Access” button.

The Securitizations homepage also includes two new visualizations on the left hand side of the screen. The first is an Issuance Volume stacked bar chart that shows a history of consumer unsecured bonds on dv01 over time. In addition to displaying total issuance volume, this graph also shows volume per originator, including SoFi, Prosper, Lending Club, Avant, Marlette, and Upstart.

Using this graph, you can see that dv01’s consumer unsecured coverage in 2017 extended to $7.9 billion of online securitizations, up 49% from 2016. Our all time consumer unsecured coverage includes over $15.7 billion of issuance, all of which is available to analyze in detail on dv01’s platform.

The bottom of the new homepage features a Joy Plot showing the distribution of a selected characteristic over time. This graph includes the ability to distribute by FICO score, coupon, or DTI, as well as look at the entire consumer unsecured market or view one originator at a time.

For a full how-to on the redesigned Securitizations homepage, take a look at our product documentation. If you’d like more information about dv01, don’t hesitate to reach out at sales@dv01.co.