This morning, dv01 announced a partnership with Experian, the leading global information services company. This collaboration will add millions of external data points to dv01’s platform, allowing for more comprehensive risk analysis of marketplace loans and bonds—and bringing additional transparency to marketplace lending.

Our plan is to map the millions of borrower attributes from Experian’s database to installment loans in our clients’ portfolios. The Experian data is anonymized, and once the process is complete, dv01 clients, which include leading hedge funds, banks and asset managers, will be able to begin to isolate external trends that might affect their portfolios’ future performance or explain past behavior. Additionally, we’re also acting as a data warehouse for select data sets Experian offers for modeling purposes.

This partnership, and huge influx of data, not only allows our reporting and analytics tools to operate at their max potential, but brings us one step closer to enhancing transparency in marketplace lending—and financial markets as a whole.

After all, the more investors know, the better decisions they make.